About Us

The Next Best Thing to You!

Our clients include veterinarians’ dogs and pets as well as service dogs.  Who could better attest to the quality and professionalism of our service?  We have many long term clients and have clients whose dogs we have walked for their entire lives and are we now walking their new dogs.

We offer reliable, consistent service to make your busy schedule less hectic. We have been caring for dogs, cats and pets (including birds, rodents, reptiles and fish) of all kinds since 1998. While you are at work or travel for business or pleasure, your pets can remain comfortable in their familiar, safe environment. You’ll be welcomed home by a secure, happy pet. We offer comprehensive services to our regular clients.  Whether you want an individual leash solo walk or an off lead park group outing, we offer alternatives.  We realize your needs may vary and your days and times may vary and we will work with you.   We are available for early or late off hour visits and on weekends and holidays.  We realize your schedule can change.   We also offer boarding, housesitting and in home grooming to our regular clients.   And don’t worry, if your walker is on vacation we will provide a substitute.   We are here to work with you, not to talk you into fitting into our services and schedules.

Puppies have special needs and we are equipped to offer feeding, outings and reinforcement for any training.  Once your puppy is older we can integrate him/her into a playgroup if you wish or walk with one other dog to expand his/her social circles.